Alright, while Peanut’s napping, I thought I’d jump on. I have (yet again) a new place. I bought the domain when I first switched to WordPress in November and have fiddled with it on and off for a while now. I would get excited, then discouraged cuz I was confused about something. I would figure it out, get confused again, and on and on. When Kerflop did her “How to Blog” tutorial I was able to work past some of the issues I was having and I think I’m finally ready to move on. So now I present for your viewing pleasure (Ta Da!),


I’ll be posting everything there from now on to cut down on my loss of sanity in trying to post in both places. So if you just can’t get enough of my scribblings, switch your feeds and blogrolls. Hope you like it.

I’m back from a little time off.  I had a lovely birthday!  NYDD and I just relaxed at home and ate good food and watched some fun stuff on our big screen.  It was so nice.  My massage was AWESOME!!  Wow!  After having and hauling Peanut around my back has been really wacky and after my massage it feels so good.  I was carrying a lot of tension there.

My aunt and uncle were in town for their anniversary last weekend and invited us to lunch with them.   We were going to do a temple session with them, but didn’t have a babysitter.  Instead we just had lunch.  They got to see Peanut and we took some pictures.  Peanut was great.  She was happy and babbled to them quite a bit.  Very sweet.

Wednesday we finally toured Alcatraz. We’ve been meaning to go since we moved here.  It just hasn’t happened until now.  Fuffy was going to come visit this week with Rizzo and Gnome and a few other friends but got a last minute invitation to South Carolina and took it.  Rizzo, Gnome, and a few others still came and we went with them.

I’ve had kind of a lot going on this week and today it’s my goal to finally get my house straightened out.  Laundry is rolling, but I still have stacks of dishes to do and really need to clear off the mounds of papers and projects from my dining room table.  Now I really must run before Peanut has a complete melt down.

So last Saturday we played with some of our friends, M and J, and had so much fun I just had to share it. They invited us to see Spiderman 3 on IMAX with them. They live in SF so we went to their apartment that morning. We caught a bus over to the Ferry Building. We had breakfast at the awesome farmer’s market there and wandered around the shops at the Ferry Building. While there, our friend, M was asked to be in a commercial! How cool is that? Then we headed to the theater. When we got there the line was already kind of long so we didn’t have fantastic seats. It was on IMAX, though, so it was still cool. Peanut did pretty well. This was our first theater experience since having her (we used to go all the time) and it went better than I expected. She didn’t cry and scream, and she even had a little nap. She was just kind of squirmy, but what little baby isn’t? The film was good, too. I think I still like the second one best, though. Outside the theater there was a little park kind of place where a jazz band was playing. We got some killer vanilla cream puffs across the street at Beard Papa’s and took them back to the park to eat and listen. So yummy. For dinner we went to a little place called Sushi Zone. They have limited space and awesome food so there was a wait. We walked a few streets down and checked out some boutiques. I saw a lot of darling stuff I think Peanut needs. Like these (which I might have to go back and buy at the store since I can’t find them ANYWHERE online – help!) and loads of other fun stuff. Anyway, we walked back and had dinner and wow! So good! I’d never had sushi before. We ordered a bunch of different kinds. I think my favorites were the California and Hawaiian rolls and NYDD liked any of the ones with mango. We also had a great appetizer I can’t remember the name of and some fish jaw something that was really good, too. Then for dessert we had green tea ice cream. Yum! It was such a good dinner. Definitely worth the wait. After dinner we headed back to our friends’ apartment and played men vs. women at Cranium. Women won, of course ;) (Kermit you’d be so proud. It also made me miss you lots. I hope you’re feeling better ((hugs))). By that time Peanut was pretty exhausted by our fun, busy day, so we headed home and she passed out in the car.

I think I’m joining the ranks of sushi fans. I want to visit that sushi place again or find another one closer to me maybe. And mom, the next time you come, we’re totally hitting that farmer’s market. You’d love it.

Early Gift

NYDD gave me an early birthday gift today (the real day is next week) because it’s actually for my birthday and he didn’t want me to unknowingly schedule something during it. I’m getting a massage! Hooray! I’m simply quivering with excitement. When NYDD gives me a backrub it’s nice, and I TOTALLY appreciate it, but he does on my back what he’d like to have done to his back (read, dig a serious canal on either side of my spine with his tumbs – over and over again). It’s nice in thought, but in real life it can get really uncomfortable. I’ve been pining for the day I could have a real massage again. Now that I think about it, the last massage I had was on my birthday, too. Kind of a gift to myself. It was also a reward for surviving my first year of college.  I cannot wait!  Even though he doesn’t read this I wanted to publicly say, “Thanks, honey! and I love you!”

It is so freakin’ hot today!  It’s 11 am and 82*!  I just walked to the bank again because, again, NYDD has the car for clinicals.  It’s kind of far, but really not bad.  I kind of enjoy it.  I make a few calls along the way and bring my MP3 player for entertainment and it goes really quickly.  There are a few hills so I have to work harder in some spots.  I have to go to make the rent deposit for our apartments so it can’t wait until another day.  I’m kind of glad, though, because it feels good to walk that far and I feel all energized now.  Perhaps I’ll clean up my house with all my new found energy.  I also feel like I’m getting in better shape because of it.

Anyway, now that I’ve rambled for a little, here’s what I’m really posting about.  We had a writing group a week ago.  The topic was fear, or a time you were scared, or anything along those lines.  So I wrote about a time I was afraid.  Enjoy!

Growing up I played on a softball team during the summer.  I wasn’t very good but it was something I enjoyed.  We had a game every week for a few months and they were always in the afternoon.  My family always came to watch and were great supporters of my efforts.  The diamond we played on was side by side with another diamond.  It was usually empty and during our games some of the younger kids would hit the extra balls around.

One July afternoon when I was probably nine years old, my team had a game.  My mom was in the stands watching with my older brother, Jazz.  My little brother Fuffy was in the adjacent diamond playing with a few other kids.  I was in the dugout waiting for my turn to bat.  It was near the end of the game.  We got a third “out” and were sent back to the field.  I was playing centerfield, watching the other team send batter after batter to the plate.

All of a sudden, behind the bleachers I saw a little commotion.  I figured it was probably just some of the little kids fighting and didn’t think much of it.  We got three “outs” on the other team and as I ran back in to the dugout my coach pulled me aside.  Before she could say anything I saw my mom running over to our car.  She was carrying Fuffy and there was a lot of blood.  Jazz was following behind.  My coach told me Fuffy had been hurt while playing.  He was playing catcher and while throwing the ball back to the pitcher, the little boy batting had swung the bat and accidently  hit him in the back of the head with it.  My mom was taking him to the hospital.  My coach asked if I was okay and wanted to finish the game.  I guess I was in shock.  I just nodded and blocked everything out for our last inning.

I don’t remember the rest of the game.  I might have batted; we may have won.  I don’t really know.  As soon as the game ended realization came flooding in and tears came pouring out.  I was so scared for my brother.  I didn’t know if he was okay or what had even happened.  My mom wasn’t there to reassure me but my coach took good care of me.  She held me, let me cry, and told me everything would be okay.  She drove me home where my dad was waiting.  My mom had taken Fuffy to the emergency room and he was fine.  It was only a teeny tiny cut.  He didn’t even need stitches.  Because it was a scalp laceration it bled a lot, but nothing was broken and he came home feeling fine.  Though I can’t recall much of the game, even now, years later, I can still vividly see my mom carrying Fuffy to our car, blood everywhere.  I can still remember how worried I was and how afraid and alone I felt.  I think it’s one of the few times in my life I’ve truly been scared.

7 Things

I was tagged by Aubrey at anniepall so here it is.  7 things you may not have known about me.

1.  I used to be really short.  I don’t think I am anymore.  I’m about 5’2” now.  Is that still short?  When I was younger, though, I was really little.  I was always the shortest kid in my class and in all my elementary school class pictures I’m in the bottom left hand corner.  It was nice while I was dating though.  I was never taller than any of my dates and I could still wear heels.

2.  I took piano lessons for 12 years or so, but didn’t practice  12 years worth so nobody would ever guess it.  I regret that.

3.  I want to go back to school and study Interior Design.  Not necessarily because I want to actually make a career out of it.  I just want to learn it.  I think it would be interesting to learn.  Same thing with Fashion Design and Massage Therapy.  It’s just stuff that is interesting to me and I want to learn more about it.

4.  I once sang back up with some friends, for Barry Manilow when he came to Utah.

5.  I failed my driver’s test 3 times.  It’s a bit humiliating.  The first time I really wasn’t ready.  The second time I was ready but drove on an unfamiliar road and made a dumb mistake.  The third time I psyched myself out and I think it was the parallel parking that got me.  The fourth time I finally did everything to perfection and passed.  I don’t really think I’m a bad driver, though I do speed and my family thinks I drive like a Californian now.  I take it as a compliment.  In general I like California drivers more than Utah drivers.

6.   When I’m upset about something I rearrange the furniture and do some deep cleaning.  I also listen to The Cranberries while I do this.  It makes me feel better and like I have a fresh, new start.

7.   Sometimes I kind of sleep with my eyes open a little.  Creepy, I know.  It’s also a trait I’ve passed on to Peanut.  Because of this freakish thing light wakes me up really easily so in order to sleep past dawn I have to a) sleep in a cave, or maybe my old room in my parent’s basement, b) bury my face in my elbow so no light sneaks in which puts my arm to sleep, or c) wear a night/sleeping mask thing like in the movies to block out all the light.  Once, while on a trip, I fell asleep in the car and one of my friends saw that I slept with my eyes partly open.  He thought it was funny and tried to convince me that my eyes never really close all the way.  I almost believed him.  Almost.

I’m tagging Em at I’m Ready For My Close-Up Mr. deMille, Fuffy at So Yeah. . . I’m Pretty Good, and Glittersmama at Random Thoughts


As part of our recovery program this week we went to the beach.  We drove to SF and, instead of going north (our usual route) we went south.  We drove to Pacifica and found someplace fun to stop.  It was a little chilly so we stayed warm in a few layers and just sat on a blanket on the beach.  NYDD brought along his steerable kite and the wind was just perfect.  Even I was able to fly it without doing major damage when crashing it.  Go me!

On our way back to the car we got a call from NYDD’s younger brother, L.  He just got married in January to a cute, cute girl, M and they are starting med school this fall.   They were accepted to a school in Iowa and when we saw them at the wedding they told us they found an apartment online and were moving there in July/August.  They had been wait-listed for the University of Utah but weren’t really planning on anything happening with that.  When they called us at the beach we were surprised to hear they just received a letter saying they’d been accepted to the U and weren’t going to Iowa after all!  We’d been talking about buying a house when we moved back to Utah and when we got that news NYDD suggested we buy a duplex with them in SLC and rent out our part of it for a year until we move back.  I think L was still processing the idea that he wasn’t going to Iowa anymore.  He seemed a little dazed and said he and M would talk about it and let us know.

NYDD and I were so excited about the idea we ran home and jumped online to look at places available.  NYDD talked to L again this afternoon and said they’d like to go in with us so now I have a lot of research to do.  Tomorrow when I go to the bank I’m gonna talk to them about loans and good stuff like that.  I need to check out books from the library and look around online to learn what I can about buying a place.  It’s a little lots and lots overwhelming and scary, but it’s also really, REALLY exciting.  Squee!  We’re so close to owning something of our own!  I can hardly believe it could be happening!  It’s probably going to be stressful, but I think if L and M are really serious it will work out and it would be awesome to have them as neighbors.  When I start thinking about it I get all worked up and start bouncing off the walls.  How’s that for some happy news?!


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